Applications & Games
Image not found Olympque Quiz: Olympque Quiz is a quiz game that will keep you interested for hours on end. If you are Olympic games lover, check your knowledge, ability and interest for Olympic games by playing this Quiz and submit your score online to show your capability to the world. There are Unlimited Online Quiz Rounds. Each round has maximum 20 questions.
Image not found Babes BrainVita: Babes BrainVita is a highly addictive single player strategy game with Hot Babes based on a classic Peg Solitaire or Solo Noble or Marble Solitaire board game. Its very simple by rule, Eliminate as many marbles as possible by jumping over adjacent one, either horizontally or vertically into a hole.
Image not found Numeric Slide: This is a puzzle game of numbers starting from 1 to 15. In this game you need to rearrange the numbers so as to fit them in proper position. There are different difficulty levels for fun lovers and sometimes it may tease you with complications of numbers.
Image not found Birds Eliminator: Fun lovers & games seekers where are you? This is a perfect match for every mood. The objective of Eliminator is to displace the second bird with first one and do it in such a way that lastly only one bird should remain. Be conscious a single wrong move can make you lose the game. There are 30 Levels in this game and with every level the difficulty will increase.
Image not found Fruit Matcher: Fruit Matcher is a fruitful puzzle game that you won't be able to put down! In Fruit Matcher a number of cards are put on a surface upside down. Each card has a picture of a fruit. In this game you need to memorize the position of each fruit and match it with its pair to clear the board in the fastest time possible. Keep on Playing and improve your memory power!
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